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Captain Bloody Bill Walker and The Letter of Marque


The Spanish called William Walker, the young English captain, “el hombre de la muerte”.  Sailing under Letters of Marque issued by the Governor of Jamaica, Walker commands a renegade crew of free-spirited buccaneers. Their mission is to protect the island of Jamaica and English interest in the Caribbean. The Spanish fear him. The English and the French respect him. And every young lady in the Caribe adores him. Following a very secretive meeting in London arranged by his father with a government official who represents the King, Walker undertakes a new assignment. It is a project so bold, secretive and daring that if it is ever discovered could not only mean dreadful consequences for Walker but also England and possibly even the King. With the help of Cat, a beautiful Gypsy girl, and in the company of ruthless men like Henry Morgan, Braziliano the Roach, Black Bart, John "the Hawk,” and the Dutch pirate Edward Mansvelt, Walker organizes                       the “Brotherhood of the Coast” and fights for England.  


A NightAt Ray's


History comes alive against the backdrop of a Mississippi roadhouse, overlooking a bayou. While the ancient Wurlitzer jukebox played an old Credence Clearwater song two young Asian waitresses with long black hair wearing traditional ao dai dresses move barefooted across the deck carrying platters stacked high with steaming crab, shrimp and large two-pint dimple mugs of foaming beer. Silvia was behind the sun-bleached cypress-wood bar pouring out drinks to a couple of navy pilots wearing leather “Top Gun” jackets. Master Chief Raymond J. Meisenhelder, USN, Ret., sat, as always, at his corner table telling old war stories, that span two generations and five decades, to a captivated audience.


7 Days In Panama


Two years after the United States Invasion of Panama, America’s War on Drugs continues. The U.S. Canal Zone is being turned over to the Panamanian government. An American reporter, sent to Panama by a private intelligence organization known only as The Committee and Bobby-Sue, an American State Department representative, uncover a cash for gold  money-laundering scheme involving General Noriega, Pablo Escobar, and the Russian mafia. The trail leads to an old abandon Coastal Gun Battery, a gold merchant known as “The Dwarf,” a visit to the notorious Pergola Club and Casino and a CIA agent.  The team escapes Colón aboard an “Orient Express” train where they hideout in an old Zonie settlement along the Gamboa River. With “Raving” Ralph at the wheel of an old tugboat, a sunken trawler is discovered in the Gulf of Chriqui. All the clues finally come together. The secret of Naos Island is revealed and the real reason for the American Invasion of Panama is exposed. 

Pyrate Odyessey


Doc Hanson dazzled readers and critics with his first novel, Bloody Bill Walker and the Letter of Marque. Now Bloody Bill Walker is back, in an adventure that is perhaps the quintessential pirate story - A classic swashbuckling tale of Voodoo, slave girls, Pirate Queens, buried treasure, and lost civilizations. 

The year is 1666.  His Majesty’s Secret Service, under Charles II, has discovered a devious plot that will undermine British interest in the New World, but their agent in the Caribbean, Captain William Walker is missing. A Maroon voodoo priestess in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica says Walker is on an island, alive and in the care of Sophie, a mysterious Obeah girl. 

With the help of a Moko Jumbi man, Walker and Sophie escape the island on board the Blanche Sorcier, a French frigate du ordre.  A storm drives the ship to the Miskito Coast and a Mayan Chief where they discover Aztec human sacrifices, a lost civilization, and find a hoard of ancient treasure.  However, their real goal is the pursuit of a renegade, French envoy, Le Renard Noir and a Spanish Admiral who intends to change the course of history. 

The couple finds The Black Fox on Martinique during Carnival where they also encounter the flamboyant woman privateer, “Back from the Dead Red.” After capturing Le Renard Noir, Henry Morgan takes the Spanish stronghold of Portobello as a diversion. While Morgan holds the port,   Walker  heads to Monkey Bay and up the San Juan River aboard Abraham Blauvelt’s ship, the Scarlet Queen, to La Mar Dulce  where he enlists the aid of an Indian Chief called The General  to carry out a clandestine plan that will stop the Spanish Admiral.   Then it’s back to Jamaica and to Henry Morgan’s hideout at Llanrumney and into the arms of Lilly. 

Filled with breathtaking suspense and extraordinary imagination, Pyrate Odyssey is yet further proof that when it comes to historical fiction and pirate lore nobody beats Doc Hanson.   



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